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As you plan to take your lifestyle several notches up by being a resident of Opera Garden, walk through the ready-to-move-in towers designed to meet families’ modern needs.

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Opera garden building


The fragrance is a super luxurious tower in the Opera Garden community. This tower offers a sophisticated residential place with a functional and sustainable interior plan. We have stepped into an era where greenery has become rare. However, here you get a themed garden and all sorts of community engagement amenities like a swimming pool, yoga center etc.
The exceptional view from the balcony becomes the cherry on top of the cake. The G+6 building has 28 flats in total with 4 flats on each floor. Options of 3 BHK as well as 3+1 BHK were available on each floor. All the flats being occupied dictates the overall benefits offered by this tower. Settling in a prime accessible location, the residents  get the best possible convenience.

Spring Dale-1

Spring Dale -I is another magnificent tower in the series of towers of the Opera Garden. The exquisitely designed flats and a commendable community make it worth every penny. With all the convenience being offered, you get the experience of luxury and serenity. The themed garden serves as a great playtime for children.
Besides greenery, several other amenities within the gated community range from a swimming pool to community club and a library. Spring Dale-I has 28 flats in total with options of 3 BHK and 3+1 BHK, with all flats sold and  28 families living.
Above all, the community’s location gives you easy access to all the important places nearby. Spring Dale-I is a perfect option for people searching for a happy family place for a modern nuclear family.

Opera garden building
Opera garden building

Spring Dale - II

Spring Dale-II is one of the well-built and perfectly equipped towers of Opera Garden. Opera Garden has aimed to extend an unmatchable modern housing experience to people. We have come up with a luxurious solution for people.

Spring Dale-II is one of the towers within the gated community of Opera Garden. With a large and spacious basement Car parking, it has a green area designed ornamentally for a super-relaxing experience for the residents. Besides this, you get a library, swimming pools, youth clubs, etc., so you can be a part of the community.


Cedar-I is an apt housing solution for mid-sized and big families as it has 3 BHK 3+1 BHK and 4+1BHK flats. The modern housing solution and an extraordinary interior make up for a thrilling living experience. A few stand-out features, like sustainable interior and sleek design, make it worth every penny.
You get a fun community and amenities like  swimming pool, library, clubs etc. Not only this, but the basement car parking is a huge benefit . Hence, you get an open and ample space for parking.

Opera garden building
Opera garden building


Just as much as you would like to stay in a city, you still want to have a green space by your house for kids to play. Cedar-II of Opera Garden brings you the experience of premium housing and community. The proper kitchen with sustainable interior design,  An open, airy space with a peaceful community.

You get to experience the luxurious options of being a part of the club. More than that, you have libraries and a swimming pool within the premises for recreation. Being by the suburb yet staying intact to the city is an excellent feeling, and we can help you with that!

Morning Dew

Morning Dew is a tower with an amazing interior and huge space for family accommodation. You get to stay in the primary location where you can access all important places. The unmatchable view of the community and the exemplary architectural approach is pure joy. You get the utmost worth of every penny you spend as you have sustainable housing residences.

The garden area handcrafted with ornamental plants, the luxurious swimming pool, the huge library, and a humongous garage to park your vehicle ensures a thrilling experience. The open space with ample greenery, a phenomenal interior and a peaceful community make it a perfect accommodation place for families.

Opera garden building
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